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Balloon to Bunny $320.00

Box with open, barred front. Two large round holes in sides of box. Long balloon is placed through box side to side.The balloon is popped and a large rabbit suddenly appears. Back door of box hinges down to give a clear view through box. Rabbit can be removed through this back door.

Banner Nest of Boxes $ 595.00

The magician shows a small chest. He hinges down a door in the front of the chest. The audience sees that inside there is a clear box with chrome bars in front. The magician opens the top lid of the chest and removes the inside clear box. The audience can see through the front opening of the outside chest as this is being done. The large chest is now obviously empty. Both the front door and the lid on the large chest is closed. The clear box is place on a tray that is held by the assistant. A live dove is placed into the clear box and a cloth is draped over the clear box. The box is lifted up under cover of the cloth. The cloth is then shaken out empty.The clear box and dove have vanished. The large box is now opened and inside the previously empty box is the missing clear box and live dove.

Briefcase Sawing inHalf
$ 585.00

A case not much larger than a briefcase folds out into a table. A member of the audience is brought forward and lies down on the table. A wood stock is placed around their mid-section. Now the magician takes an electric jig-saw and proceeds to saw the spectator in half. Everything packs into the case and is self contained.

Canary Cage $ 275.00

A special (round top) cage for performing the egg, lemon, orange, and canary trick. Magician vanishes a canary, then an egg, then a lemon. He attempts to vanish the orange, but it won’t cooperate. so, he cuts open the orange, inside is the lemon. He cuts open the lemon and inside is the egg. He breaks the egg and the canary flies out.

Dove In Balloon $ 175.00

A thin tray is held by the assistant. The magician inflates a round balloon and fastens it to the tray. He then fires a pistol at the balloon. the balloon bursts and a live dove appears.

Doves to Rabbit $ 395.00

Our original visible model. A chest with open, barred front and solid top and sides. Two or three doves placed inside onto a perch, the doves being in full view of the audience. The top lid is lifted up, the 4 sides drop revealing a quick,visible change of the doves into the rabbit.

Doves to Rabbit (Clear) $ 395.00

Same effect as above except the 4 sides of the box are clear lexan. A cloth cover is placed over ala girl to lion illusion. A really great idea from Tony Corraro.

Doves to Dog $ 425.00

Extra large size of the Doves to Rabbit. Will hold 4 or 5 doves and a dog or large cat instead of a rabbit.

Doves to Cat $ 940.00

Built like a mini size girl to lion. Has bars on 4 sides, but a solid, bi-folded top. a cloth is draped over the back half of the cage. Doves are placed into the cage and onto a perch, all in full view of the audience.The cloth is brought forward concealing the cage and doves inside.The cloth is whisked off. The doves have vanished and in their place is a large white cat. Cage is on a deluxe chrome table base on casters. Also available with clear Plexiglas sides instead of the bars for a non-caged look.

Fire to Cat $ 940.00

Works on the girl to lion principle. Base is only 1 inch thick where fire is burning.The cloth cover is over the back part of the cage. cloth is pulled forward, covering the cage and fire. cloth is whisked off and fire has vanished and in its place is a large cat or small dog. Includes a deluxe chrome table base on casters.

Fire to Bunny $ 495.00

A smaller, hand held version of the Fire to Cat. Front door drops downward and a wick is ignited. Front door is closed, then the cloth cover pulled forward covering the cage completely. Cloth is whisked away and there is a live bunny.

Gloves to Dove $ 175.00

Thin appearing tray, much like a Dove in Balloon tray. Magician removes gloves and drops onto top of tray;. gloves instantly and visibly change into a live dove. Can be mounted on a table base for working without an assistant.

Hare Washer $ 820.00

Small replica of a washing machine is shown to be empty. A gray rabbit is placed inside, a round clear Plexiglas door and lights inside making the rabbit very visible. Some soap powder is added through the top lid. The washer is then sloshed around a bit, then the front door is opened. Now the rabbit is snow white, having apparently been washed clean. this prop will vanish, exchange, or produce a rabbit. comes with a deluxe chrome stand on casters.

Head Twister $795.00

Duane Laflin model. The head twister has always been a great illusion. However, it was always a bit awkward looking for the assistant to hold or you couldn’t perform it surrounded. Duane solved both problems. We make it on 4 legs with casters and a seat for the assistant. It also has a second box that drops over the first box so you can perform it surrounded. Great idea from Duane.

Mental Epic (Stage Size) $ 495.00

A large 24” x 36” version of this classic effect. Three persons are randomly selected and each one is asked to name different objects, places, cards, etc. The magician then writes down his prediction for each person. When the predictions are revealed, the magician was 100% correct in predicting the spectators thoughts. It comes on a rolling easel and has 3 different colored covers that hinge down over the predictions so you can do our version, which involves using 3 different colored dry erase pens. Each prediction is written in a different color. This is really a throw off, and makes the effect seem that more impossible.

Mini-Kub Zag $ 3500.00

Gunter Puchinger’s (Germany) original illusion. Built with Gunter’s permission as the exclusive builder in the USA.Small cabinet just slightly over 3 ft. high. Assistant enters the cabinet and a blade is pushed through, apparently dividing the assistant in half. Next, a large octagon shaped tube is pushed through the top half, giving the audience a clear view through the illusion. Now, another octagon tube is placed through the bottom half of the cabinet.The assistant seems to have vanished. Now for the killer ending--the whole bottom half is moved to the left. Incredible. Audience can see assistants real hand at all times if you desire. Do surrounded and packs small.

Plexi-Miracle $ 560.00

A large die approximately. 11 inches square is tapped to show it is quite solid. A clear Plexiglas box with a wood frame is placed over the die, completely enclosing it. A cloth cover is shown empty, then draped over the box and the die. The cloth is whisked away and the die has vanished. In its place is a live rabbit, cat, poodle, company product, etc. Load chamber is full size of die. Comes with a deluxe chrome base on casters. Also, available without the base for being held in the hands by the assistant. This version is $100.00 less. another Gunter Puchinger item we have permission to manufacture in the USA.

Rabbit Vanish $ 1195.00

We have made many different styles of rabbit vanishes over the years, but this is the ultimate. Based on ideas by David Bamberg and Al DeLage, with addition input by Chalet Magic. A very attractive box is shown sitting on a draped table. A rabbit is place inside and the lid closed. Now, the top of the box is lifted off and shown to be perfectly flat and solid. It is laid aside. Next, the 4 sides are shown empty, then stacked flat on top of the top. The bottom of the box is likewise shown flat and solid, then stacked with the rest of the pieces. The drape is then pulled off the stand. THE RABBIT HAS VANISHED! This vanish fools magicians! Comes with a special cage. Do not confuse this with any of the old methods where the rabbit is in a bag hanging on the back side of the lid. This is the vanish that you have always dreamed about. Couldn't be better if it were real magic.

Retriever Chest $ 595.00

A small chest is in plain view the entire show. It can be sitting in a conspicuous place, suspended from the ceiling, or a member of the audience can be holding it. Now, you have an item marked for identification and vanish it. The chest is placed on a table and the padlock on the front is opened. The lid is hinged up and the magician (or spectator) reaches inside and retrieves the vanished object. This was first made as a companion to the Wiz-Kote, to reproduce the child's shoe, but then, it became a great utility prop because of the possibilities of using other borrowed and vanished objects. The price includes the chest and the table.

Silk to Rabbit $ 395.00

Similar in working to our visible Doves to Rabbit. Instead of bars, the box has a large octagon hole in the front panel. The base is very thin since all it has to accommodate is a silk or feather boa. Effect is that the audience sees an empty box with a large hole in the front. A silk hanky or feather boa is placed inside in plain view. The top lid is then lifted up, the 4 sides drop quickly, changing the silk into a live bunny or other item.

Silk Cylinder $ 115.00

Normal silk cylinder effect, but made in deluxe, professional quality. High gloss black lathe turned base. Seamless plastic tubing. Load chamber will hold liquid. Metal cover finished in Tuff-Kote finish.

Silk Cylinder Addition $ 19.00

Simply an extra tube, slightly larger diameter. By passing one tube through the other and transferring the load as you do, it appears that you are showing both tubes empty.

Sub-Trunk (packing crate) $ 795.00

The classic Houdini metamorphis trunk. Assistant is hand-cuffed and placed inside a cloth bag, then locked inside a large wood box. Magician stands on top of box and holds up a curtain. In three seconds, the assistant and magician exchange places. A strong, closing illusion. Packs flat for packing and may be examined by the audience.

Sub-Trunk Accessories

Curtain with metal hoop through top and chain through the bottom hem--$ 230.00. Metal hoop only if you wish to sew your own curtain--$ 25.00. Bag with velcro bottom to place assistant inside and tie up top..$ 63.00. Four keyed alike Master padlocks so one key fits all locks--$ 24.00. Four webbing straps, two go around the trunk crosswise, and two lengthwise. Includes metal “footman loops” that straps thread through to keep them attached to the trunk--$ 72.00. Dolly with 3” industrial casters that fits underneath trunk to facilate moving in and out of show, or while on stage--$ 54.00. Snap on/Snap off casters--$ 32.00 for a set of 4.

Table (CLEO) $ 330.00

A special table that makes the orange, lemon, egg, and canary trick much easier to perform. There is a well in the top of the table to ditch the egg and the lemon. There is a steel rod support that extends vertical on the back of the table to hold the cage. Comes mounted on one of our deluxe chrome table bases on casters.

Table (Base) $125.00

A chrome base with four legs on casters. Comes with a lathe turned flange for fastening to you favorite prop. Extra lathe turned flange...$ 25.00.

(Side) $ 175.00

The top is 3/4” thick birch ply covered with with either out tuff-kote material or our new loop fabric which is velcro friendly. Top is 18 x 24 inches with a convex shape(or a 20” round shape if you prefer). It is mounted to our deluxe chrome stand on casters. Fitted with a metal lathe turned flange for quick assembly. (You only tighten 1 thumb screw) Edges are trimmed in metallic finish chrome edging to match the stand. A beautiful, sturdy table that should last a lifetime.

Table (Roll-On) $ 595.00

The first item Chalet magic ever built. Customers have been using these 20 years and longer and they still look great. Table is covered with tuff-kote finish with your choice of designs. There are 2 shelves in the back which fold up. the top stores inside, then the sides of the table fold in so that everything is compact for carrying.

Table ( Z design) $ 150.00

A table with a very contemporary, unique “Z” design. Top and bottom are circular, 20” in diameter. Has a 1” chrome bar slanted at an angle for the support rod.

Table ( Suitcase) $ 695.00

Carry out a case about 24” x 10” x 16”. Pull a lever underneath, and 4 legs drop out and lock into place making a table. You can leave the legs down and it is perfect height for sitting and working close-up. Drop the legs down and it is perfect height for rolling in to your show. Retract legs to pack into your car. Comes with a protective cover.

Table (Model 2000) $ 150.00

If you want an ultra lightweight, packs down to nothing table, this is it. It has a top and 2 shelves. There is a rim around the top if you want to place some sticky back velcro and make a drape to go around it. Or, we can make a drape for you. Contact us for details because price will vary as to the kind of drape you want.

Table (Laflin) $495.00

A great, practical performing table inspired by Duane Laflin. Imagine a box about 19”x24”x8” with a 2” drawer in the bottom back of the table. This opens to serve as a servante or to place any flat objects up to 2” thick. Now, the top of the table is special. There are 2 sliding panels that slide out to each side independently of each other. You can even slide them completely off and not use them at all, or you can use any one, slid anywhere you want it during the performance. The inside of the box and the drawer is lined with a “loop” fabric that has a cushion for quietness and is made for velcro, so everything, including dividers, can be attached with velcro. In addition, there is a hole in the table bottom and a slot in the drawer so that you can run electrical or audio cords out through the table base, unseen by the audience. Put your tape player or mini-disc right into your table, held in place by velcro! We are not through yet! The outside is covered with a different velcro friendly material in black. You now have a solid black table. However, it comes with panels that velcro in place on the outside of the table. Now, you have a colored table with a design of your choice on it. You can even switch designs from kid shows to adult or trade shows. (It’s the perfect trade show table) The table comes with a very sturdy chrome base on casters. This is the table you have been looking for and didn’t know it. It will probably be the last table you will ever buy.

Table (Balloon) $ 150.00

A special table for the balloon worker. It has 28 seperate Lexan bins to hold 28 different types of balloons. There is another space to mount a balloon pump. The top slides off and can have your name on it, which mounts to the table. It is mounted on one of our deluxe chrome table bases.

Tri-A-Matic $295.00

A box that is similar in appearance to a flip-over box, except the top and bottom are removable.The top is taken off and shown on both ides, then placed down or handed to an assistant. Next the empty 4 side frame of the box is shown empty, then placed onto the top. Now the bottom is shown on both sides and placed onto the box. The bottom, which is now the top, is pulled away and a large silk load or doves are produced.

Vance Dove Vanish $ 350.00

A clever vanish of 2 doves in a take-apart box invented by Jack Vance. Doves are placed into a box through a hinged lid in the top of the box. Top lid is taken off and shown on both sides. Now, the 4 sides are all hinged together, so they are folded flat and shown on both ides. Lastly, the bottom is shown on both sides. All the pieces can be stacked flat. The doves have vanished.

What Now $ 25.00

The classic What’s Next spot card trick with a twist. The way the number of spots jump out of sequence and the fact that you never have a two or five spot always bothered us. Plus, there was never any reason for the eight spots at the end. What happen to number 7? Now you can show the spots, one, two, three, four in logical order. You then finish with a 5 and a 6, so it is like a die. Made of heavy sheet metal covered with tuff-kote, so there is no paint to scratch or wear off. It should last a lifetime. For those who are happy with their current routine for What’s Next, we can make you one of these using improved materials for the same price. We can even give you any color combination you desire.

Wiz-Kote Machine $ 395.00

A Steve Hart creation. A machine with some chase lights along the bottom is shown. There are some knobs on the left side of the box to apparently adjust the machine. A shoe is borrowed from a child and placed inside the machine. The magician explains that the Wiz-Kote machine will clean the shoe and coat it with Wiz-Kote, which is a substance that will waterproof the shoe and keep it form ever getting dirty again. The magician (or child) turn the machine on. Lights start flashing and there are strange electronic sounds coming from the machine. In a few seconds, there is a smoke seeping out of the machine, quickly followed by a smoke detector beeping. apparently something has gone wrong. Quickly, the machine is cut off and the top lifted off. The 4 sides o the box drop and there among the smoke, is a shoe burned to a crisp. The magician tries to replace the shoe with various “comedy situation” shoes, but he does not have the right kind or size of shoe. Oh well, at least the magician can do is put it in a paper bag so the child can take it home without getting dirty. After placing the burnt shoe in the bag, the magician inflates the bag, then burst it. The childs shoe is restored. (Or use your “favorite method” or our Retrieval Chest to reproduce the shoe. For adult shows, use eyeglasses, ball caps, ties, watches, etc. A really funny premise for a trick.